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Overall, a DOT compliance consultant can provide significant benefits for companies looking to manage their safety operations and comply with DOT regulations. Their expertise, cost and time savings, improved safety, and peace of mind are all valuable advantages that can help your company operate more efficiently and effectively.

Alcohol and Controlled Substance Programs
You don’t have to - we will manage it all for you. We have designed this consortium to be the ideal program for any drivers needing to comply with federal motor carrier drug and alcohol testing regulations (49 CFR Part 382) - regardless if you are a large company or an owner-operator. We make it extremely simple, affordable, and take the stress of compliance off your hands!
DataQsAs a Motor Carrier Investigator, I reviewed the Data Qs for my state. 
Warnings affect your CSA score.Did you get warning that you do not agree with?Talk to Transcom and we will review it and give you our thoughts.
Hire a professional to write a Data Q challenge on your behalf.

PermitsNeed a Wisconsin trip permit? How about an oversize or over weight permit?Transcom is a Wisconsin permit dealer. 
Most Annual DOT Inspections are done by truck mechanics, who may not be qualified inspectors.  Persons performing annual DOT inspections are regulated under 49CFR 396.19. Ask your mechanic to show you how he/she is qualified under this law. I was a CVSA certified inspector with 19 years of experience.  
Providinganalysis of your DOT Compliance operations.Our auditors look at your operation from theoutside. Carriers can sometimesbecome blind to certain obviousviolations if they are not awareof them.

Have a Question about DOT Regulations?  Free help!

I have over 25 years of experience working with State and Federal DOT regulations.  I bring this knowledge and experience to you. If you have a simple or complex regulatory question. Phone me, I can help.  

Keeping up with US Department of Transportation (DOT) and safety compliance requirements can be a challenge for fleet managers. The vast assortment of documents needed to manage driver qualification, Hours of Service (HOS), Alcohol and Controlled Programs, Driver Qualifications files, Accountability (CSA) records, roadside and accident reports, and more, can lead to gaps in record keeping and exposure to risk. The cost of failing an audit is prohibitive; however, it is minor compared to the cost of accident litigation due to non-compliant documentation.

These regulations can be complex and time-consuming to navigate, which is why many companies choose to work with a DOT compliance consultant to manage their safety operations. Here are some of the advantages of using a DOT compliance consultant:

 I can provide significant benefits for companies looking to manage their safety operations and comply with DOT regulations. I am small and customize to meet my customer's needs. Who else would know DOT regulations better than a former enforcer of them? Now, I'm on your side.


Transcom is managed by a former Advanced Motor Carrier Investigator with the Wisconsin State Patrol with 25 years of experience. Who else would know these regulations better?

We are a full service DOT Compliance  

Accident registers and Lost Control

Annual DOT Inspections

Biennial updates of the MCS-150

Clearinghouse Queries of Drivers

CSA Score Monitoring

Data Q Challenges

DOT Alcohol and Controlled

Substance Program Management

Driver Background Checks

Driver Qualification File Management

Driver License Monitoring

IFTA Taxes

Mock Audits

Records of Duty Status Monitoring

UCR Filing

Unlimited Telephone Consultations


Writing of Required DOT Policies

and much more


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